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HelpDesk Official help and support channel. Welcome to Help Desk! English
The Mad Hatters Room We Mad We crazy and your one of us Join us beware we do crazy things here 0 English
THE NEST Chronic health support 0 English
The X Loungeroom Welcome to XLR Trivia and Friends- R16+ | Trivia with over 50,000 questions and new ones each day. Our trivia is based on speed with bonuses (every 40 questions to amount of all or partial of you points as well as, 5000 for random bonus questions) - Hall of fame updated every 2 days. Others games inclusing - Blackjack/ Timebomb / Weather using !w / Roulette / Pokies & More. Its a relaxing atmosphere. Everyone plays because they want a challenge or its for fun. You choose. Come on in and enjoy (Y) 0 English
Trivia Cafe [style ff:Georgia;co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#FF0000;b;]WELCOME TO TRIVIA CAFE. R18+ GENERAL CHAT AND GAMES 0 English

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