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HelpDesk Official help and support channel. Welcome to Help Desk! English
50s Legends A room for all to enjoy (~) ^^: .... 21 and over only (KS).. may contain adult contents (poledance) or Leo's Food Porn (pl) (dancinturkey) 12 English
Hot Tub Trivia and Chat 2 English
THE WRINKLY 50S R US Wrinkly 50R Us(F)Quiz Night Sunday:o 9pm UK time8-|8-|8-|8-| Room Full Of Lovely People({)(})(b)(d)Are Free Tomorrow So Pop In And Say Hello:~.....No Politics Please .... 0 English
BIG M0mmas_H0use (r*) BIG M0mma's H0use (r*) Warm & Friendly Room ~(L)~ Lots of Down Home Cooking (pl) With a Dash of Good ol' Chat & an occasional Frenzy Game! (banana) No need to look any further..This is the Place.. (Y):D So Just Sit Back & Enjoy the RIDE!!(cowboy) 13 English
Liberty Room [style ff:Times New Roman;co: #000000;b;]Welcome To The Liberty Room & The Magic Radio [style ff:Times New Roman;co: #DC143C;b;] (dr) A Radio Station That Brings Music To Life (dr) [style ff:Times New Roman;co: #8B008B;b;]A DJ Who Is Vocal With Infomation On The Music He Plays :D [style ff:Times New Roman;co: #006400;b;] On Air Fri & Sat At 21:30 UK Time 5:30 EST [style ff:Times New Roman;co: #0000FF;b;] My Radio: 9 English
~Just Chat~ General Chat Room, Only 2 Rules: Leave the Politics and Religion Topics @ the Door. (No Exceptions) Respect Each Other, Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated. (8)We Support Cosy Clan Radio.(8) 7 English
The Word_Frenzy Welcome To WordFrenzy Just A Basic Word Frenzy For When You Get Bored :P The Room Is Opened Most Days From 08:00 Till 23:00 UK Time :D 6 English
Foxerinas Cosy Corner ({)(k)(ks)(k)(})Come to the cosiest room of all({)(l)(ks)(l)(}) Have a (c)(b)(d) Talk to :rb (computer) +35! :rb Be an (a) or a (6) but keep it -sc (dk) Disrespect gets da -@).Have a lot of (dancinduck) :D (banana) :g) (poledance) :* (ed) |~ :w: :h) and a Tune in on (dpdj) (hb)(dr)(rg) ^^: 3 English
Sugar & Friends Senior Chat (h)Welcome to Sugar & Friends Chatroom (h) Where you will find (c) Fun Respectful Seniors Chat (c) 3 English
SweetFlowers Game Room (F) Welcome to SWEETFLOWERS ROOM :) (f) We chat :) play Word Frenzy or Trivia and Have Fun :D Slow Speed Games;) please:D !WFSTART or !TRIVIA :) ;) Parking is allowed (y) :D 3 English
50s Chat Cafe Welcome to 50\'s Chat Cafe. We are the sister room of Foxerina\'s Cosy Clan ,Music, Chillin\' and Chattin\' Please ask to whisper. 35 + Please. We Support Cosy Clan Radio 2 English
Shayde Rage in Cage Friendly chatting(~)and listening to music(8)(8).NO BS OR DRAMA! I will not Tollerate it-@)! Please be Respectful of others and the DJ'S(dpdj). If you have an issue with someone Please whisper the one involved and not bring it into the chat.If problem wasnt solved please Contact Rage or Shayde so we can help.Lets have some fun!:g)(ks)(banana)(poledance)(dancinduck) 2 English
The Dew Drop Inn .[br].[br].[br].[style co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#0489B1;b;]Stop In And [/style][style co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#DF01A5;b;] Relax A While [/style][br][style co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#FF0000;b;] No Drama Please [/style] [style co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#01DF01;b;]CHEERS !!! [/style][br].[br].[br]. 2 English
50's Chat Fun Friendly chat 0 English
AmVet's Coral Chat about anything but keep it clean. 0 English
AmVets is, Talk about anything. 0 English
Backyard Fence [style ff:Tahoma;co:#0000FF;b;]Who threw that rock at my glass house[/style] 0 English
Dutchys room 30 plus and more Any topic except politics 0 English
Ginger and Friends Welcome all! :) :) for a Fun and Friendly chats! 0 English
Guys Gals and Ghosts ***TONIGHT....8 pm CENTRAL....MULTIPLE CHOICE TRIVIA...A NEW WAY TO PLAY AND WIN. ys) 0 English
HAPPY DAZE - 0 English
Honks Hangout All welcome. Parking allowed. Speak your mind. 0 English
LoneStar~~Lounge A PlAcE To ChAt...HaNg Out......(b) (d) (pi) .. ..(8) ..(8) We SuPpOrT (8) coSyClAn RaDiO (h) ..Enjoy! (we dont like will be banned!) 0 English
PGs Rover's Return Welcome To PGs Rovers Return Chat Room! If you're new pull up a seat and say hello! All we ask is that you're courteous and polite to others. 0 English

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