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HelpDesk Official help and support channel. Welcome to Help Desk! English
PGs Rover's Return Welcome To PGs Rovers Return Chat Room! If you're new pull up a seat and say hello! All we ask is that you're courteous and polite to others. 0 English
Pink Feathers Laid Back Fun Quizzes 0 English
Pitas Pub For fun & laughs 0 English
Ridgerunners Place Welcome To Our Room/Please Enjoy Your Time Here/Adults Only/ASK BEFORE WHISPER 0 English
Shayde Rage in Cage Friendly chatting(~)and listening to music(8)(8).NO BS OR DRAMA! I will not Tollerate it-@)! Please be Respectful of others and the DJ'S(dpdj). If you have an issue with someone Please whisper the one involved and not bring it into the chat.If problem wasnt solved please Contact Rage or Shayde so we can help.Lets have some fun!:g)(ks)(banana)(poledance)(dancinduck) 0 English
shorty's chatroom friendly chat 0 English
Southern Hospitality Lounge Experience the Southern Hospitality from Kentucky. Chat and enjoy music from Cosy Clan Radio 0 English
Summers Family Genealogy 0 English
Sunshine and a Li'l Sizzle (*)(*)May the dreams you hold dearest be those which come true. The kindness you spread Keep returning to you.(*)(*)(L) 0 English
The Nifty 50+ Gang :) All are welcome Fun chat room (F) 0 English
The Word_Frenzy none 0 English
ThreeTea3s room (F)...A good group of people to get to know...(F) 0 English
~A Gathering Place~ A place to gather and chat about anything and everything and all are welcome. :D 0 English
BiggieTesting 4 English
psychopass 3 English

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