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HelpDesk Official help and support channel. Welcome to Help Desk! English
Gay/Bi Guys Australia For members on Facebook 18 and over. For Gay/Bi Sexual Men Of Australia and Worldwide. We DONT tolerate homophobic behaviour, So know what you are entering into. Have fun Gents (Y) 0 English
Ginger and Friends May we cherish every moment of our friendship always and create beautiful moments in life. Cheers (D)(D)(B)(B)(F)(F) :) Chats is for a fun time to relax !Come on in and join us for the fun and laughter! 0 English
Guys Gals and Ghosts iF ITS WEDS *-) ...IT'S TRIVIA NIGHT ^^: !! NEWCOMERS GET A 2 POINT ADVANTAGE!!(ed) 0 English
HAPPY DAZE - 0 English
Honks Hangout All welcome. Parking allowed. Speak your mind. 0 English
Jesus is\the Answer Jesus isi the Answer to eveything 0 English
LoneStar~~Lounge A PlAcE To ChAt...HaNg Out......(b) (d) (pi) .. ..(8) ..(8) We SuPpOrT (8) coSyClAn RaDiO (h) ..Enjoy! (we dont like will be banned!) 0 English
PGs Rover's Return Welcome To PGs Rovers Return Chat Room! If you're new pull up a seat and say hello! All we ask is that you're courteous and polite to others. 0 English
Pink Feathers Laid Back Fun Quizzes 0 English
Single Bikers Of Arizona A Place for us to chat when we're not out getting wind therapy 0 English
Southern Hospitality Lounge Experience the Southern Hospitality from Kentucky. Chat and enjoy music from Cosy Clan Radio 0 English
Summers Family Genealogy 0 English
Sunshine and a Li'l Sizzle (*)(*)May the dreams you hold dearest be those which come true. The kindness you spread Keep returning to you.(*)(*)(L) 0 English
The Nifty 50+ Gang :) All are welcome Fun chat room (F) 0 English
ThreeTea3s room (F)...A good group of people to get to know...(F) 0 English
Trivia Cafe Welcome to Trivia & Games 0 English
BiggieTesting 3 English
☠Şĥãÿđę☠'s Shadows Great music! 2 English

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