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General Information

Chat Nick Name:๛MìttÈท๛
Real Name:Alkire, Tammy
Birth Date:Sunday, October 22, 1961
Marital Status:Long-term relationship
Location:Some where in Michigan, USA
Join Date: Sunday, May 14, 2017

About Me

I have 3 kids all growing up and out the door on there own and Married 2 with Kids ( Grandkids ) ! 1 own there own business , 1 if asst manager at the county road work , the other 1 safey building inspector . . I worked for Kmart Just 17 years and our store closed there doors in 2016 :( . I've Been with Beneyou Just 4 year in June and loving it , I enjoy chatting with people online . I enjoy the warm weather from time to time . I'm all ways up to learning NEw stuff at my ago to ,

Favorite Things

going to walking some time .

Hobbies and Interests

Craft /vendor shows , Promoting my BENEYOU products and learning each time I can do better .

Favorite Quote

If you say so , Oh really . What every you say !