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Chat Nick Name:Рi m p § 
Real Name:,
Marital Status:Undisclosed
Join Date: Thursday, May 25, 2006

About Me

i like to touch my OoniE8-|....I also run a midget meth lab...and i have a pickled pecker (H)..don't waste ur breath on me...u'll be needing it for ur blow up doll later ;)...mean ppl suck...nice ppl swallow...i do both 8-|

Favorite Things

all my mates (L) u'z to the mass;)....normal ppl scare me :'(
KronologicalOne:Roses are red,Violets are corny,When I see your chat nick,I get really horny
awwww how sweet is that(H):$

Hobbies and Interests

i like to pinch 8-|
shopPin @ the dolla store 8-|
smOkin dolla store weed(H)...n rubbin new socks on my nipples

Favorite Quote

"Procrastination is like Masturbation.it seems like a good idea at the time..but in the end you're really only fucking urself";)"Who u are in Life...is how u act in the bedroom" Samantha *Sex In The City*8-|
Ya can't turn a whore..into a housewife 8-|..."Deal with It" :P "When Life hands u lemons...SUCK THEM!!!..If it don't fit..grease it ;)