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Chat Nick Name:Patmagroin
Real Name:,
Marital Status:Undisclosed
Location:United Kingdom
Join Date: Sunday, December 9, 2007

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Im half Red Indian and half Scottish my real names is Hawkeye The Noo Almost 6 feet , height l mean . l dont mean lve got 6 feet , body of a God , well Budahs a God aint he Im utter crap on Mcputers and the more I try to learn the thicker I get so if I dont answer you or email you back its coz Im dense nor ignoring you ..... Bugger ! I tried to put a pic on and made an arse of it yet again ... Hmmm

Favorite Things

Yes I like disliking things .... Ooops Jogging , cycling ,keep fit ,long distance running I could watch it for ages Dislike having to do any of the above

Hobbies and Interests

Into all sports Draughts , Dominoes ,Tiddly Winks , Hangman ,Knitting , amateur dramatics in other words acting like a knitter Telling lies and looking stoopid

Favorite Quote

Never take sleeping pills and laxatives in the same night And dont go about bashing your baws on things , some of these days you might need them